Beltone hearing aids fit every lifestyle and budget

At Beltone, our goal is simple: to bring you hearing so natural, listening is a pleasure again—wherever you go. And, thanks to Beltone’s leading micro-processor technology, our hearing aids are feature-rich, yet super small.

Choose your hearing aid style

The choice of a hearing aid style is a personal one, and depends on your lifestyle, degree of hearing loss, and other factors.
IIC - Invisible-in-Canal

Invisible-in-Canal style


Tiny is the new small! About the size of a raspberry, Beltone Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids are the instruments of choice for those who desire hearing help that can’t be seen.

An Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) starts its life as an ear impression of your ear canal. The impression is turned into a 3-D computerized rendering. From there, each hearing aid component is “virtually” positioned, in order to create the tiniest finished product possible. Then, your hearing aid is built, and delicately sculpted until it matches the contours of your ear canal.

CIC - Completely-in-Canal

Completely-in-Canal style

Another “tiny” offering, the CIC style hearing aid style is worn completely within the ear canal. Being a custom-crafted hearing aid, your Beltone Hearing Care Professional will take an ear canal impression to give your hearing aid a perfectly tailored fit. This ensures maximum comfort and sound quality.

CIC style hearing aids are most effective when treating mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Hearing aid wearers love them as they provide the benefit of improved hearing, with no one the wiser.

MIH - Mic-in-Helix

Mic-in-Helix style

Designed to “disappear”, the main part of an MIC hearing aid hides in your ear canal. This piece is custom-manufactured based on an ear canal impression taken during your visit, so it’s very comfortable. The hearing aid microphone is a separate component, and is worn within the concha, or curved groove, of your external ear—where it stays out of sight. A tiny transparent tube sends sound from the microphone in your concha to the component in your ear canal.

The ingenious construction of the MIC style hearing aid takes advantage of the ear’s anatomy to provide near-to-natural sound quality, and outstanding appearance. By placing the microphone in the curved portion of your ear, it’s protected from wind noise. This makes the MIH style perfect for active individuals who spend time outdoors.

ITC - In-the-Canal

In-the-Canal style

ITC-style hearing aids are custom-made, based on an impression taken of your ear canal and the surrounding area. They are slightly larger than completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids, but still considered cosmetically appealing. All of the components in an ITC hearing aid are encased within a lightweight plastic shell. Their medium size makes them a great choice for push button controls. ITC hearing aids offer a secure fit, easy insertion and removal, and longer battery life. They work best for mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Also popular is the Mini ITC style hearing aid. This option is less noticeable than the standard ITC hearing aid, but offers fewer easy-to-reach controls.

ITE - In-the-Ear

In-the-Ear style


ITE style hearing devices partially-to-fully fill the outer ear. They are custom manufactured to fit securely, and be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. All components reside within a lightweight plastic shell which is simple to insert and remove. Their bigger size accommodates a variety of feature options, including special controls that are easy to adjust.

In-the-Ear (ITE) style hearing aids use larger batteries which can power a bigger receiver. This makes them a superb choice for more serious hearing losses. Larger batteries also last longer, and are more “user-friendly” to handle.

RIE - Receiver-in-Ear

Receiver-in-Ear style

Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) hearing aids are the newest BTE style devices on the market, and, the most popular. An RIE hearing aid is comprised of a very small casing that sits behind the ear. The casing houses all of the electronic components of the hearing aid except for the receiver (also called the speaker). This allows the casing to be extremely tiny, so it’s barely visible. A narrow transparent tube carries very thin wires from the casing to the receiver, which rests in your ear canal.

RIE hearing aids offer exceptionally natural sound quality, and can be used with custom-made or standard ear molds, depending on your individual amplification needs. Almost all types of hearing loss can be assisted with RIE style hearing aids.

BTE - Behind-the-Ear


Easy-to-wear BTE devices are small, and feature a curved casing designed to nestle comfortably behind the ear. By matching flesh tone or hair color, they hide with ease. A transparent tube connects the device to a custom-created ear mold worn in your ear canal. Ear molds are lightweight and comfortable, making BTE hearing aids easy to wear all day.

BTE style hearing aids can be used by just about everyone. They assist the entire spectrum of hearing loss, from mild to severe. Additionally, they are budget friendly, and adapt to most lifestyles.

The only hearing solution tailored to you

Beltone Imagine uses the uniqueness of your ear to deliver sounds exactly as nature intended. 
With world-class technology to keep you connected and personalized support  that’s right beside you every step of the way, you can live the life you’ve always imagined.

Benefit from revolutionary technology

We are thrilled to announce our latest and greatest—Beltone Imagine™, a truly tailored hearing care solution. We challenged ourselves to take our hearing innovations to the next level and created something truly groundbreaking.

Our new revolutionary hearing technology, Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear hearing solution (M&RIE), filters and delivers the most natural sound yet. M&RIE is a hearing solution unlike any other. It works with your unique ear shape to collect sound just as nature intended.

Experience how Beltone Imagine enables better speech understanding

Learn more about how Beltone Imagine performs in a complex setting compared to past solutions. Watch these videos and get a feel of how Beltone Imagine tailors your hearing experience to give you the best quality of life.

Hear as Nature Intended

Introducing the world’s first truly tailored hearing experience, made possible by Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear (M&RIE) Technology.

Your M&RIE feature is tailored to fit each individual’s unique ear shape, allowing you to collect sound just as nature intended. The sound that reaches your brain is filtered just for you, making it easier for you to identify and separate out the different sounds in your environment, so every conversation is easy and enjoyable. 



Make Your Day Easier

You’re always in control of your hearing with Beltone Imagine. Now you’ll enjoy having a complete understanding of your surroundings with the ability to focus on the sounds that matter the most. This is all possible with our new and improved technology, CrossLink Directionality 3.

With CrossLink Directionality 3, you can easily adjust settings and focus on the sounds that you want to hear. Whether in the wind or a crowded room, Beltone Imagine makes your day easier. 


Zero-in on the Conversation

When you’re in demanding situations and you want to fully zero-in on just the sounds in front of you, simply turn on the brand-new Ultra Focus program. Ultra Focus ensures you’ll always have the best possible speech clarity, no matter the environment, without feeling isolated from what’s happening around you.

Focus in on what is on front of you and feel confident enough to have conversations in situations you might have avoided in the past, like at a service counter in a crowded place.

Stay Connected with Your Favorites

The Beltone HearMax app is an intuitive app for those with Beltone Imagine. You can easily control volume and adjust programs, noise reduction, speech focus, and more directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, or Android™ devices. 

You’ll feel empowered and free again with Beltone Imagine compatibility and its ability to directly stream all your favorite services, streaming phone calls, GPS, internet radio, music, podcasts, and audiobooks with our upgraded mix-in audio streaming that eliminates connection delays.

A design tailor-made for you

We’ve created a brand-new design that significantly improves aesthetics and comfort, and is the most discreet solution yet. The device sits comfortably in your ear, making it easy to handle and even easier to wear. 

Beltone Imagine hearing aids are available in rechargeable and non-rechargeable models. Talk to your local hearing care professional about which model will work best for your lifestyle.

Every Beltone Imagine comes with a partner included

At Beltone you get more than just hearing aids, you get a hearing partner with you every step of the way on your journey to better hearing. Our hearing care partners take the time to get to know you to ensure we create personalized care tailored to you, every time.

You also receive BelCare, our comprehensive lifetime service and care program that includes free annual hearing evaluations, free hearing aid inspections and cleanings for as long as you own your hearing aids, patient care phoneline, one year limited manufacturer’s warranty and more.

Make every day amazing 

Every day is filled with special moments that make our lives truly amazing. Every word, giggle or sound counts for something.
Beltone Amaze ensures you won’t miss a single one of those amazing moments.

The most complete
hearing care solution

We are thrilled to announce our latest and greatest—Beltone Amaze™, our most complete hearing care solution. Enjoy an amazing hearing experience all around with some of the most innovative features available. Beltone Amaze will give you an amazing hearing experience in all the moments of your life with a clearer, fuller and richer sound.

It’s fully rechargeable, easy to use, and can connect to any of your devices.

“I love the way Beltone Amaze sounds with my mandolin, I was able to hear upper harmonics that I didn’t even know I was missing! Beltone Amaze creates a fuller environment and I can enjoy the sounds of life more”

 Art Fox, Beltone Amaze user  


Amazingly Natural Sound

Beltone Amaze has faster processing and extended bandwidth, which means you’ll be able to hear birds singing, leaves rustling, and grandchildren laughing better than ever. You’ll even be able to more fully enjoy the textured tones of your favorite music! The new Impulse Noise Reduction feature reduces loud or uncomfortable sounds making the pleasant ones come through even clearer.

What makes the Sound Quality in Beltone Amaze so special? Watch the video to find out.

Amazingly Connected

Wireless accessories and Made For iPhone connection mean you can connect Beltone Amaze to any of your devices. The improved streaming technology allows you to stream music, movies, and phone calls right to your hearing instrument, without losing any sound quality.

You can easily control your hearing aids remotely with the Beltone HearMax™ app. With a few simple taps on the screen, you can discreetly adjust the program and volume on your hearing aids, check the battery status, and even change speech focus–all from your smartphone.


Amazingly Personalized

Getting used to hearing aids can take time, and your hearing needs can change over time. Beltone Remote Care™ allows you to stay in close communication with your hearing care professional, so they can adjust your hearing aids continuously to your specific needs. With the free Beltone HearMax app, help is just a tap away. You can easily send a request to your hearing care professional and receive the new settings right to your smartphone. There’s no need for an office visit!

“With Beltone Remote Care I feel like the audiologist is right there for me, I feel like I am always being taken care of.”


Amazingly Rechargeable

Make battery changes a thing of the past. Thanks to Beltone Amaze’s integrated lithium-ion battery, you no longer need to replace batteries. And with the most user-friendly portable charger in the industry, you can charge confidently into every day.

Beltone Amaze will last you a long time, up to 30 hours, when fully charged. Recharging is simple – place your hearing aids in the charger overnight and they are ready again in the morning. If you forgot to charge your hearing aids, no worries – in just 30 minutes of charging Beltone Amaze will be ready to go another 8 hours before the next charge.

Design & Styles

Beltone Amaze is available in two small and discreet RIE models with: 

  • An integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery which is based on our award-winning popular RIE 63 model 
  • A replaceable size 13 battery that is 25% more power efficient when streaming than previous generations. 

Make every day amazing 

Today, Beltone is being recognized as a leader in the industry for the Beltone Amaze hearing aid and its industry-first Android Streaming capability.  As previously announced, GN and Beltone collaborated directly with Google to develop the ASHA standard for streaming audio directly to hearing aids using Bluetooth low energy. Bringing this game-changing technology to those with hearing loss has won us a 2020 BIG Innovation Award!

Every year hundreds of companies submit their innovative products to the Business Intelligence Groups BIG Innovation Awards.  Nominations are the judged by business leaders and executives to score submissions.  BIG is announcing this award on their website and in a press release alongside GN and Beltone today (22 JAN 2020).

We are very proud of this accomplishment and excited about its impact as the leading consumer retail brand for hearing care.  Patients already recognize Beltone as the industry’s most trusted brand.  This award builds on that legacy, and provides a compelling reason for them to choose Beltone over the competition.

Beltone Trust 

Premier hearing care.
Hear. There. Anywhere 

Life is full of pleasant surprises – and you should not have to miss out on a single one. Beltone Trust hearing aids give you the world’s most complete hearing care experience: Great sound, discreet and customized design, easy personal wireless control, and a groundbreaking new Remote Care feature that will give you extra support wherever you are.

Trust in Discreet and
Customized Hearing Aid Design

With Beltone Trust, you will always look your best and feel comfortable. You can choose from a variety of virtually invisible hearing aids that come in an assortment of colors to match skin tone or hair.

Trust in Personal Control
and Connectivity

The Beltone HearMax app gives you an easy and discreet option to control your hearing aids via a Bluetooth connection. Simply download the free hearing aid app and start adjusting volume, listening to programs and much more directly from your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® or the most popular Android™ phone models. Beltone Trust digital hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity are almost invisible and you can control them from a new, intuitive one-tap main screen in the app.

You can also use your Beltone Trust hearing aids as true wireless headphones for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, so you can hear phone calls, listen to your favorite music or follow the voice directions of a GPS. Beltone Trust is hearing made easy.

Personal Hearing Care,
Wherever You Are

The support you receive from your hearing care professional is a key factor in getting the most out of your hearing aids. Beltone Remote Care™ gives you the most personalized hearing care experience possible. This exclusive, revolutionary technology allows your hearing aids to be fine-tuned wherever you are. You simply send a request via the Beltone HearMax app and your hearing care professional will send new settings you can download with your mobile phone. This is the essence of advanced, digital hearing aids you can use wherever you are, in a way that suits your needs.

The story of Julie Quandt – traveller and marathon runner with Beltone Trust hearing aids

“So I was really excited when I got my new hearing aids. They are the Beltone Trust hearing aids. First of all, they were just technologically better. But they also include the Beltone HearMax app. That app includes all the functionality I had before, but then more. The Beltone HearMax app includes the Remote Care feature, which allows me to contact my hearing professional from anywhere in the world to make minor adjustments and to improve my hearing when I’m not even in town. And that is a game changer for me because I could come in for an appointment and the next week be on the road, so to have that remote assistance is incredible.”

Julie Quandt

Me & my Ally

Beltone Ally is a digital wireless hearing aid family with advanced and easy-to-use features, never before seen in this class of hearing aids.

Beltone Ally comes in a variety of discreet, cosmetic models and colors, so you can easily find a hearing aid style that suits you.

Better Hearing and Better Life Quality

Welcome back to better hearing and better life quality. With Beltone Ally hearing aids, life can be more rewarding. When you simply need to hear better, Beltone Ally is always there for you, like a reliable friend.

Advanced Hearing Aids Yet Easy to Handle

Beltone Ally has a great collection of advanced features to help you hear better. With Beltone Ally you will stay in the conversation, even if the party gets a bit loud. Its superb Wind Noise Reduction and Sound Cleaner features will help reduce the background noise, such as wind, air conditioning or a busy restaurant. Speech Spotter will let your Beltone Ally adapt to where the sound is coming from, so you can follow the conversation better.

Reliable, Like a Good Friend

With Beltone Ally you can do all the things you love in life with confidence. If you like outdoor activities, you can be sure that moisture from sweat or rain is nothing to worry about – Beltone Ally’s special HPF80 NanoBlock coating can handle it.


Stream Sound From Anywhere Into Your Hearing Aids

With a direct wireless connection to your hearing aids, it’s simple and convenient for you to hear your TV and stereo directly through your hearing aids, just like headphones – without the inconvenience of cables, a relay device or a connector around your neck.

Control your Beltone Ally hearing aids discreetly with SmartRemote app

Use your iPhone® or Android™ phone to easily and discreetly control your hearing aids and adjust volume and programs remotely. All you need is the Direct Phone Link 2.

Beltone Bold – 
Live powerfully

Why compromise on hearing? This powerful digital hearing aid is specially designed to bring back the sounds of life, even if your hearing loss is severe or profound. It’s designed for your maximum comfort during daily activities.

Built for All-Day Comfort

Beltone Bold features advanced technologies to help you hear better. It gives you the power you need, so you can follow what’s going on around you without distraction. Beltone Sound Shifter™ can make high frequency sounds, such as the voices of children or birds, easier to hear, while Adaptive Directionality™ and Speech Spotter™ options help you hear the conversation, even in noisy situations.

Tough, Robust and Long-Lasting

Beltone Bold is built to last. This robust hearing aid is coated with a protective layer, called HPF80 NanoBlock™, inside and out, to shield it from water, moisture and perspiration, so you can enjoy a more active life. HPF80 NanoBlock increases the lifetime of your hearing aids to help give you years of trouble-free use.

Get the most out of life

Strong, comfortable and reliable, Beltone Bold helps bring back the sounds of life. High quality sound and an excellent feedback management system keep you aware of everything that’s going on around you. Ergonomically designed for comfort, this attractive hearing aid sits comfortably behind your ear.

Extend your hearing with wireless accessories for Beltone Hearing Aids

Focus on sound like never before. Direct Line accessories let you wirelessly stream sound from a TV, cell phone, PC—even a person–into your hearing aids. This direct connectivity makes it easy to hear what you want to hear, and tune out what you don’t.

Imagine enjoying a hands-free phone conversation and hearing it right in your hearing aids–even when your phone is put away. Think about easily hearing your favorite TV show in a room full of chatting people.

The Beltone Direct Line accessory suite features industry-leading 2.4 GHz wireless technology. Sound streams at the highest speed possible, with amazing fidelity. Hearing is believing. Ask your Beltone Hearing Care Professional for a demonstration today.

Beltone myPAL Micro and Pro

Non face-to-face communication can be a challenge for everyone – hearing aids or not. The Beltone myPAL is a small portable microphone you hand over to the person you want to hear. It captures the sound clearly, even in noisy environments, and streams it directly into your hearing aids, bringing the conversation or entertainment closer to you. It’s that simple.

Beltone Direct TV Link 2

With the Beltone Direct Line TV Link 2, you can enjoy clear sound from your TV or any other audio device – at your own preferred volume – and still participate in conversations around you. It connects directly to virtually any audio device: TVs, stereos or computers, and delivers entertainment directly to your hearing aids.

Beltone Direct Remote Control 2

The intuitive Beltone Direct Line Remote Control 2 makes hearing simple. You can adjust the volume in one or both hearing aids, change programs, or easily switch between sound streamed from your TV, radio, myPAL or PC. You can even adjust the balance between the sounds around you and the streaming audio to make sure you hear everything you want. And the large LCD display shows your programs, volume and battery level at a glance.

Beltone Direct Phone Link 2

With the Phone Link 2 you can hear the phone ring directly in your hearing aids and speak hands-free, even when your phone is put away in a pocket or a handbag.

The Phone Link 2 also serves as a remote control to adjust hearing aid volume or change your environmental programs whether or not you are on the phone. And the Beltone SmartRemote app works with the Phone Link 2 to turn an iPhone® or Android™ phone into a discreet, full-functioning remote control.

The fastest wireless connection that only Beltone provides

Other wireless systems for hearing aids simply can’t compete. Their limited data transmission compromises sound quality. Cumbersome relay devices or neckloops get in the way.

The Beltone wireless system is based on the “gold standard” 2.4 GHz frequency band used in today’s most advanced wireless products. Our proprietary technology produces a superior audio signal and transmits up to seven times more data than competitors’ systems. Sound is exceptional and delays are virtually non-existent.

Whether you are watching television, following a conversation at a distance or talking on the phone, we have a wireless accessory that can help you hear better.

Control your hearing aids with Beltone apps

Beltone Apps let you control your wireless enabled hearing aids and much more.

Beltone HearMax app

The Beltone HearMax app connects your Beltone Trust hearing aids to your iPhone®, Apple Watch® or Android™ phone for any easy and discreet way to control your hearing aids. With a new, sleek and intuitive design that features one-tap access to the most popular features, it’s great way to enhance your Beltone Trust hearing aid experience. Download it for free from the App Store or Google Play today!

Beltone HearPlus app

Start controlling your hearing aids in a simple and intuitive way directly from your iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, Apple Watch® and the most popular Android™ phone models, Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 EDGE and Galaxy Note 4.

Beltone HearPlus app for Apple Watch

The Beltone HearPlus app is now available for Apple Watch™! The Beltone HearPlus app for Apple Watch™ and iPhone® 6 adds even more personalization by giving you the power to adjust hearing aid settings right from your wrist. It’s the easiest and most discreet way to control hearing aids yet. With eight different HearPlus apps for Apple Watch compatible models, you’ll easily find the one that’s right for you. Ask your hearing care professional about HearPlus for Apple Watch today!

Beltone SmartRemote app

The Beltone SmartRemote app is the easy way to get the most out of your hearing aids. Use your iPhone® or Android™ phone as a discreet remote control and adjust listening programs, or listen to your stereo or TV through Beltone Direct wireless accessories with a simple swipe of your fingers. It doesn’t get much easier.  All you need is the Direct Phone Link 2. Download the free app today!

Beltone Tinnitus Calmer app

Distract your brain from focusing on your tinnitus with the help of Beltone’s Tinnitus Calmer app. Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices, the app offers a combination of Sound Therapy and relaxing exercises which can help provide relief from tinnitus.